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Various Notes on Nonbinary Pronouns!:

Sometimes, I haven’t a clue about certain topics- which is why we have followers! 

From astaraels:
There are gender neutral pronouns that a lot of genderqueer people use—plus there’s a great deal of variety in them, so it’s not like there aren’t options if you’re writing a genderqueer or agender character. For example: uvicpride[.]ca/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Personal-Pronoun-Reference-Chart[.]pdf

From nuggetnuggetnugget, on the usage of xe/xeir:
it’s used the same way he or she is! “Xe opened the door slowly and cautiously, peeking xeir head out.” 

Notes from four anons: 
singular “they” is gramatically correct, though

also, ey/em/eir!

xe/xey/xem aren’t really “generally” used, there’s no standard for nonbinary pronouns. give the wikipedia article for “gender-neutral pronoun” a quick browse to start with, there’s a lot of options.

If a person wants to write a genderqueer/non-conforming/trans* person, it’s best to do a ton of research on the various terms used. Trans* folks are often mis-gendered because people assume a gender binary/essentialism. Also, if you’re cisgender like me, you just have to make sure you don’t fetishize, tokenize, or perpetuate the oppression against trans* folks through your writing.

And soulfarsogood:
On the subject of nonbinary pronouns - I have a friend who’s genderfluid and uses the pronouns ‘ze’ and ‘hir’ in lieu of ‘he/she’ and ‘him/her’. c: I hope that’s useful. 

And finally, from sammyonair:
But in English you actually *can* write a whole text without identifying someone’s gender. (I’ve done it.) In German, my mother tongue? No chance at all. 

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