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30 Day Crossover Challenge

This one’s going to be a little different. You pick one of several ways to do this.


  • The crossover is “your OC’s verse”/”any fandom of your choosing”
  • You can either choose¬†thirty fandoms(one day each), two fandoms(fifteen days each), three fandoms(ten days for each), five fandoms(six days for each), six fandoms(five days for each), ten fandoms(three days for each), or fifteen fandoms(two days for each).
  • It is recommended that you act as if your characters were meant to be in said fandom. (ex. If I were to crossover my OCs with a fandom involving fantasy creatures, they would be the fantasy creatures I feel they most identify with.) However, if you want to act as if they were random thrust into said fandom, that would probably be quite entertaining.
  • It is also recommended you stick with your same OCs for each day of the challenge though not required.
  • There’s no word limit, no prompt words, just 30 days of crossover-y goodness.
  • Unique fandoms are also really cool if you have any of those you want to crossover with. ;)

If you would like to be added to the masterpost of participants and fandoms, please message me here (that way I can save URLs easier) with what you plan on tagging the challenge with. PLEASE make sure that you have at least one post tagged with that before you message me so that I can make sure you gave me the right tag.

If you want to be even more awesome when you message me, tell me what fandoms you plan on using (and if there will be a specific tag for that*) so I can make a fandom section on the eventual masterpost.

*This is not required. If you just tell me what fandoms you will be crossing over with I’ll just put your URL under the fandom on the masterpost.

Much love and happy writing,

Covert (the-itsy-fabulous-spider)

ps. Feel free to message me with any questions you might have. That can be done either at my main blog or at FYCD. :)

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