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Disability Contacts

Here is the compiled list of people who wrote in yesterday saying that they are willing to be contacts for character reference. A great big thank you to everyone on the list for being willing- you may message me anytime asking to be removed from the list if you so choose (additions are also welcome). Followers, remember to be polite and respectful. 

Kass is willing to help anyone who needs help with anxiety, ADHD-I, selective mutism, and bipolar disorder. 

ameliamarieka asked fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment:

I’m available to talk about being the child of two disabled parents, and wheelchairs and their quirks. My mom is a paraplegic, my dad is a quadriplegic. I know a lot about these subjects, so don’t be shy!

beautiful-phantom asked fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment:

I am deaf, so anyone who is interested into writing about deafness are welcome to ask me for my inputs. I hope this is not a problem at all, just thought to lend a helping hand! :)

woodpanellingpanelling asked fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment:

I may be a bit late, but with the mental health topic - I am a female with Aspergers (a form of high functioning autism that shows differently between males and females) and I would be willing to answer any questions or go on your masterpost if you’re making one! :)

royalswarm asked fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment:

i ahm - if you’re still taking these, i’ve got a mood disorder, ocd and anxiety, and i could help with questions about those, but specifically ocd because i don’t quite understand my mood disorder a lot„,

deductionsandpsychosinatardis asked fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment:

So I have bulimia and depression and I used to self harm. If anyone needs help writing about any of these, I’m more than happy to answer questions or help people out.

snager asked fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment:

I don’t know if this really counts as a disability, but I’m pushing 300 pounds here and I wouldn’t mind answering some questions? I think people THINK of being over-weight as a disability and it’s definitely stigmatized, so.

epikalia asked fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment:

Since others are doing it… I’ve had major depressive disorder for years, and so I can answer any questions people have. They can just send me an ask if they like. :)

zyphlid asked fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment:

I am willing to answer questions about depression as well. Though mine is considered atypical, and I want to say not as serious as major, I have had some experiences that might help my fellow writers.

tortillarps asked fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment:

I noticed no one else had messaged about it yet, but if anyone wants to talk about bipolar they can message me. I can also help with depression and anxiety, or any questions about ADD/ADHD

sighkick824 asked fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment:

I hope I’m not jumping on the bandwagon here, but I have ADHD type-2 and am willing to debunk any stereotypes or answer any questions.

takamuramamoru asked fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment:

And I am a compulsive liar (who is recovering/somewhat recovered) because of childhood trauma and I’m always willing to answer questions!

psi-freeze-omega asked fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment:

FYI-if someone needs help writing a character with paranoia issues or bipolar disorder, I’d be more than happy to help.

homosexualtea asked fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment:

Like common-sense-and-logic, I have mental illnesses—DID and severe depression/anxiety (that I’m slowly getting over with the help of heavy medication and therapy) and my ask box is open/my skype is on my blog. If you try and hit me up on skype, make sure you say in the request you need help for this purpose, please. :)

redlipstickandcigarettesmoke asked fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment:

fyoured is a great resource if you have a character with an eating disorder. i’d also be willing to talk about my personal experience with ednos, self harm, and depression :)

I’m open to anyone who has questions about social anxiety. I’ve had it for about two years now.
Hi, I’m Sally and I have one hand.

I can offer my services of a ‘disability contact’ as I have one hand. I was born with it and have adapted for all 18 years of my life. It’s the loss of my lower left arm from the elbow down.

Ooh, I can be added to the list- my mother is bipolar and has been struggling with depression for as long as I can remember, so if minimal secondhand experience would be of any help…
Hi! I have ADHD and my brother has a sensitivity disorder and he’s a celiac so if people have questions that be fine with me.
Hey, could you add me to the contact list? I have/had clinical (major) depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and severe anxiety (including agoraphobia and social phobia). I also take antidepressants and I’m happy to talk about any of this to help other writers! Seeing this stuff written correctly is a beautiful thing :)
Uhm…I guess I can go ahead and throw my name in here, I have ADD and Depression, and if anyone wants to talk to me about it I’m always glad to help. I’d prefer if messages came off anon, but I understand if you’re shy! (Sorry if this is late!)
Sweeties, you can add me to the contact list if you’d like. My brother has an undiagnosed mental disability (as in, doctors can’t find out what it is, although they’ve tried TONS of diagnostics and treatments) , so maybe I could help with how it’s like to be a close watcher.
I’d like to be added to the disability contact list. On mental health I have anxiety and panic attacks, chronic depression. Physically I have seizures, chronic pain and scoliosis.
I don’t know if I can be of much help but I’ve been dealing with Anorexia (recently diagnosed but it’s been going on for years), depression, and self harm for years and I’d love to answer any questions or help any of my fellow writers with writing characters who might be affected by one of these problems. I’m also available if anyone needs someone to just lend an ear.
(Edit: Also insomnia) 
i can help if somebody has a character with epilepsy
For the disabilities checklist, I wouldn’t mind being added! I’m on the Autism spectrum.
Hello!! I’m willing to be asked questions about Moderate-Severe social anxiety (to the point where I can’t go outside without forcing myself to think comfort thoughts/bringing a loved item with me). I can also be asked questions about moderate anger issues. Thank you and happy character creating!
This may be a bit quirky for your disabilities list, but I have one eye, and would be happy to talk with anyone about vision limitations and the current world of prosthetics.
I wouldn’t mind being asked questions :) I’ve had OCD my entire life, it kind of gets worse for certain periods of time, and I can tell you what it was like when I was really young. So I can answer questions about OCD, anxiety, insomnia, and things related to that!
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