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Who’s up for a FYCD Challenge over spring break?

  1. authorman94 said: Count me in.
  2. holdmyhat said: Mine ended on Sunday, dern it.
  3. electricinkondigitalpaper said: WE SHALL TAKE THE RING TO MORDOR.
  4. harlequinbabe said: OH HELL YESOLEYO Can I only hope that it’s not going to require a good deal of knowledge already about the character. ;/
  5. shamera said: Challenge, yes!
  6. electricrambo said: I’m game
  7. sckwiid said: Yesplz ;w;
  8. typhoidmarius said: i am!!!
  9. threecloveredmochi said: YOU’RE A WEEK OFF NOT SPRING BREAK ANYMORE—
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  11. phen01 said: moi!
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  13. kaywinnetleetam said: YES. I have to flesh out four characters over break.
  14. alivechihiro said: yes plz (i don’t even have spring break but an excuse to to some character development would be brilliant)
  15. thewhelmingflood said: aw man my spring break just ended! do it though and i’ll try it!
  16. perseusjacksoff said: Bring it.
  17. fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment posted this
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