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Your Character And Clothes

While gratuitous blocks of text about a character’s clothing should normally be avoided, how someone dresses can be a great way to show rather than tell about elements of their character. It’s also a great tool to show character or personality when working with visual media. I’ve even seen it used as a thoughtful and successful part of the plot. 

So let’s get thinking about your character’s style:

  • What colors do they prefer? Why?
  • In what state of cleanliness and repair are their clothes typically in?
  • Comfort, practicality, or fashion? What’s most important?
  • Name the ways in which your character’s average clothes are suited (or unsuited) to what they’ll be doing in the story. 
  • What kind of shoes does your character usually wear?
  • Does their manner of dress tell you anything about their personality, job, etc?
  • If they wear a uniform or standardized type of outfit, what is their opinion on it? Do they try to adapt it or wear it a certain way?
  • Is there anything that your character wears that has sentimental value?
  • Does your character wear jewelry? If so, what style and how much? 
  • Are there any accessories they carry for practical reasons (for example keeping hair ties on their wrist, or having work gloves in a pocket)? 
  • What kinds or articles of clothing do they hate, and why?
  • What do other people think about your character’s clothes? What do people assume about the person based on their clothing? What do their friends think of how they dress?
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