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Writing Prompts for Couples of Characters

  • 1. What do they like to talk about?
  • 2. What don’t they talk about?
  • 3. What have each of them given up for each other?
  • 4. What compromises have they made with each other?
  • 5. Do each of them know how the other takes their tea/coffee/other?
  • 6. How much do they trust each other?
  • 7. In what ways do they prefer to show affection for each other?
  • 8. Do either have habits that annoy the other?
  • 9. What habits does each find endearing in each other?
  • 10. What is the division of power like in the relationship?
  • > Firsts
  • 11. How did they meet?
  • 12. When did they realize that they were interested in each other?
  • 13. How did their first kiss go?
  • 14. What was their first fight about?
  • 15. How was their first time having sex?
  • 16. When did they first tell each other that they loved them?
  • > Lasts
  • 17. What was their last phone call (text/letter/insert applicable) about?
  • 18. What was the last lie each of them told the other?
  • 19. When was the last time either slept alone?
  • 20. Where did they last have dinner together (and what did they eat)?
  • 21. Will this be the last relationship each of them has?
  • 22. What will their last words to each other be?
  • > Describe or Draw
  • 23. Each of the pair from the other’s point of view
  • 24. A hug between them
  • 25. A kiss between them
  • 26. One borrowing the other’s clothes
  • 27. The pair entertaining themselves on a rainy day
  • 28. One caring for the other when they are injured/sick
  • 29. One cooking for the other
  • > Miscellaneous
  • 30. How would the pair fare in a post-apocalyptic setting?
  • 31. If they were a fruit or vegetable, which fruit or vegetable would each of them be?
  • 32. How quickly, and through what means, would each be able to tell if an imposter had replaced the other?
  • 33. How well would the couple do as a team in a bar fight?
  • 34. Who buys the milk when they run out?
  • 35. If one was abducted, how would the other respond, and how capable of organizing a rescue would they be?
  • 36. Who handles spiders?
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